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Strawberry Lavender Rose Tea

Strawberry Lavender Rose Tea

This sweet treat blend of strawberries, lavender, andĀ roseĀ is a guilt free indulgence. A mix of all the berries and flowers we love, gives it a sweet and soothing floral fruity balance. Strawberry Lavender Rose is the perfect blend for any time of day and makes a delicious strawberry lavender milkshake!Ā 

Benefits: a natural beauty elixir: helps with youth beauty and longevity with every sip. This blend promotes relaxation, comfort; it has antiseptic properties, relieves digestive problems, and aids PMS and cramps.

Flavor: the perfect mix of strawberry and lavender.

Ingredients: organic and fair trade rooibos, lavender petals, strawberry pieces, natural vanilla flavor, organic hibiscus, marigold petals, apple pieces, and lemongrassĀ 

Good if youā€™re feeling: beautiful and want to keep it up,Ā  in need of comfort or a self-care moment. Perfect for bedtime rituals and hanging out in your PJs while doing facemasks

PS: All of our teas come in sustainable teabagsāœØ


Strawberry Lavender Rose Tea