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Ultraviolet is a collection of premium loose leaf herbs and flowers inside biodegradable tea bags to enhance your well being inside your body, mind, and spirit.

Why should I drink UV tea?

ULTRAVIOLET is vegan, sustainable, and sourced from the highest quality organic herbal farms and grows around the world. Tea should not just be apart of your daily routine, but apartof your self care routine for your entire being.
Our mission is to make you feel, taste, smell, touch, and clense your body and mind starting inside. We make wellness accesssible and easy for you. you deserve to feel like your most vibrant  and peaceful self.

Why do the teas cost so much?

We only source organic and high quality herbs. Many ingredients are sourced separately and blended together to create a unique blend with a wider range of benefits. We also use biodegradable, plant fiber tea bags, instead of plastic fiber cheap bags. How can we deliver unique and premium healing blended teas for pennies?


How will I feel?

The effects felt will be different in each blend and indiviudual. Look at each blend and what we specify that blend is known to help. You can also look into each ingredient and see which sound most beneficial for you!

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide!

How fast will I receive my order?

It typically takes up to 4-8 business days to process your order. Afterwards, your product will ship out and arrive with 5-7 business days. Our goal is to always get you your teas ASAP! 

Can we carry your teas in our shop?

Yes! Please email for more information!

How can I make a return/exchange?

Not happy with your order? Let us know- we accept all returns for full refunds as long as items have NOT been opened. 

Need more help?

Contact: for questions about your order!

Each ingredient is carefully sourced from around the world blended to benefit you inside out.