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Goddess Glow Tea

Goddess Glow Tea

Ā Awaken your inner goddess with this yummy blend.

Benefits: Our blend eases tension and feelings of anxiety, balances hormone levels, and controls hot flashes.

Flavor: Light and delicious mellow blend with floral notes of lavender and chrysanthemum accentuated by the earthy and nutty flavors of Don Quai

Ingredients: Organic and fair trade kava root, passionflower, skullcap, ashwagandha root, rose petals, lavender, raspberry leaf, Don Quai, red clover blossoms, maca root, chrysanthemum blossoms, spearmint, lemon balm, Egyptian chamomile, chaste berries, yarrow root, and nettle leaf

Good if youā€™re feeling: Anxious or hormonal. Let us help you feel like the Goddess you are one cup at a time.

PS: All of our teas come in sustainable teabagsāœØ

This Healing Tea blend is a part of an exclusive collaboration with @wellnesswithsoph. šŸµšŸŒæā¤ļø